Thursday, 6 November 2014

**37 weeks pregnancy update**

Wow running out of room fast but even more wonderful to connect with baby through my skin! Lots of elbows and feet it's ace. I have now resorted to eating a full meal at lunchtime to try and stem acid, it's working! Baby's still head down (Couple of brisk walk trips to postbox to keep baby in right position, scrubbing bathroom floor and using the birthing ball) I think but don't have midwife app for another 2 weeks! Bit daunting lol Getting so excited can't wait to meet baby, (is it a boy or girl is in my head daily, who will it look like, what's its hair like, and many other thoughts) although that's daft I can wait! Just needs to cook a little longer, I am not in that much if a rush! Sleepless night last night tossed and turned a lot hoping that was one off I need my sleep. Struggling to actually get out of bed to use loo, that I bet is hilarious to see!! I am like the 'dying fly' on tis was! Lol Hv came today and although I have breast fed throughout, this one too, she told me something I never knew so I learnt something today!!

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